How to Edit Track Pricing in RouteNote Artist Directory / Download Store

Yesterday, RouteNote launched the Artist Directory / Download Store and we have already seen some great results in the first day. We have noticed that some users arent exactly sure how to set the pricing on albums and each individual tracks. Here is a step by step guide on how to edit your pricing:

RouteNote Artist Directory and Download Store is Here

RouteNote is very proud to announce the launch of our RouteNote Artist Directory / Download Store. The RouteNote Artist Directory / Download Store provides a full catalogue list of all the artists on the RouteNote service and even allows consumers to purchase mp3 files from their favourite bands.

With RouteNote How Many Tracks Can I Upload

Unlimited. Currently RouteNote doesn’t have a limit for how many tracks you are able to upload. However, with relation to tracks artists upload they must have full authority or ownership to designate copyright.

Best CD Manufacturing Services in the UK

Here at RouteNote we often receive from artists asking where they can gets CDs manufactured. RouteNote recommends that you get in contact with Disc Manufacturing Services. Affordable Flyers And Official Gig Tickets

Not too minutes ago in the town my friends and I were hounded in the street by people fund raising for the latest tsunami survivors of whoever asking for money, this is never fun. If you twin that with…

RouteNote Premium Christmas Promotion is Live

Since the release of RouteNote’s Premium option we have been seeing great growth! When we first launched our Premium platform we ran a one off promotion that allowed artists to upload their albums for a one time fee and keep 100% of the revenues.

Worst Songs And The Lyrics Off The Week

RouteNote enjoys being involved in all things music, both superb and tragic. I’ve decided to throw out a weekly video (where it can be found) of awful tunes that could arguably be cult favourite’s for…

How Do I Get an Artist Profile on Ping: RouteNote!

Here at RouteNote we are now starting to add iTunes Artist Ping pages. As you may have heard, Apple just launched a new service called Ping.

RouteNote Artist Lee Crossley Hits Number 2 in Amazon Rock Charts

RouteNote is very proud to announce that one of our artists, Lee Crossley, has just reached the number #2 slot in the Amazon Rock charts. This is an amazing effort from Lee, who has been working very hard gigging for the last 18 months. Im really glad it has finally paid off!

RouteNote Artists Can Now Use Amazon’s Artist Central – Add Your Banners, Videos, Twitter to Amazon Page

We thought that all RouteNote artists might be interested in a new free service from Amazon, called Artist Central. Artist Central allows artists to add their own content to Artist Stores. This helps music…