Two Weeks Worth

Skipped some playlist weeks there – so here’s one that covers a fortnight.

Spotify Users Playlist Avg. 15,000 Songs

Speaking at the World Mobile Confgress in Barcelona, Daniel Ek said that the average Spotify user has 15,000 tracks lined up across all their playlists – a huge number, showing a really deep engagement with…

The Sometimes Happens On A Friday Playlist

How much sample makes a cover? Some of the biggest selling rap songs do little more than add lyrics to great songs someone else has written. I don’t want to detract from the achievments of…

Myspace slow off the blocks integrating new tech from Imeem.

Myspace’s efforts to update their site’s music functionality by integrating technology purchased with their buyout of Imeem are plodding slowly ahead. There’s been no evidence of an update on site, but this email went out…

Useful Spotify Add-Ons

Music Ally is usually a mine of information, and they’ve just published a neat little top-ten list of spin off sites that link into Spotify and help you discover music, explore other people’s collections and…

The Self Indulgent Friday Playlist – Double H Dynamite

This is a nod to a friend of mine, who’s currently gigging and promoting an album <–[iTunes] that we’re distributing. Hopefully you’ve already got a Spotify pass, and you like funk… Double H Dynamite

We7 Launches Out of Beta With New Design and Added Features

After spending months in public beta and lots of changes to the ad supported music service, We7 is about to launch out of beta with a bang. We7 have launched with a “Big Listen” campaign….