Streaming Revenue Overtakes Physical Music Sales

Not too long ago, last year in fact, digital music sales (streaming and downloads) surpassed those of it’s physical counterparts in CDs and Vinyl. This was the biggest shift since CDs ripped the throne from…

SoundCloud’s Top 10 Played Artists This Year

So far 2015 has been an eventful year for the music streaming landscape with two major new services (Tidal and Apple Music), plenty of controversy and record-breaking numbers of streams. With all the news around…

Auza – We Just Press Play

Auza are some very cool Italians. Here is a new track we came across.. enjoy!

We7 Launches Out of Beta With New Design and Added Features

After spending months in public beta and lots of changes to the ad supported music service, We7 is about to launch out of beta with a bang. We7 have launched with a “Big Listen” campaign….