Rdio Thinking of Incentivising Artists for New Users

Rdio is thinking about incentivising artists to bring new users to their service. Rdio is competing head on with Spotify, so they need to stand out from the crowd. Rdio wants to allow artists to…

How Do I Get an Artist Profile on Ping: RouteNote!

Here at RouteNote we are now starting to add iTunes Artist Ping pages. As you may have heard, Apple just launched a new service called Ping.

RouteNote Artist Lee Crossley Hits Number 2 in Amazon Rock Charts

RouteNote is very proud to announce that one of our artists, Lee Crossley, has just reached the number #2 slot in the Amazon Rock charts. This is an amazing effort from Lee, who has been working very hard gigging for the last 18 months. Im really glad it has finally paid off!

RouteNote Artists Can Now Use Amazon’s Artist Central – Add Your Banners, Videos, Twitter to Amazon Page

We thought that all RouteNote artists might be interested in a new free service from Amazon, called Artist Central. Artist Central allows artists to add their own content to Amazon.com Artist Stores. This helps music…

Flyer App: Find Out Where Your Favourite Bands are Playing Gigs

Flyer is a new free concert discovery application that allows users to search their iTunes library and provide an up-to-date listing of shows for those artists based on the geographical area you define.

Lady Gaga Official Remix Album is Coming August 3

When you thought you could hear any more Lady Gaga, here is the new remix album! Since The Fame Monster has only eight tracks and she is starting to run out material, she has now put together an official remix album which features some of her classic tracks.

Unsigned Bands!

Here at RouteNote we are always trying to improve our service and offer unsigned bands a service that cant find anywhere else. RouteNote is easily the most affordable digital music distributor available for unsigned bands.

Providing Meaningful Partners

A couple of days ago we wrote a quick article informing our artists that we will no longer be supporting Last.fm through our platform. Artists can now sign up directly to the Last.fm service and…

Headliner.fm: Artists Cross Promotion Platform: Market and Promote Your Band

Yesterday at the San Francisco MusicTech Summit a new company called Headliner.fm launched. Headliner.fm is a service that allows artists to cross promote music they like on their social networks and streams. You can read…

Billboard’s Big Earners Of 2009

Who earned most in the US music industry last year? Here’s a rundown of the top ten, from Billboard (read the rest of their list here) 10 Metallica $25,564,234 The release of “Guitar Hero –…