Stream SoundCloud on the go in high quality

Listen to your SoundCloud library in the best possible quality wherever you are without using up your data.

SoundCloud have introduced high-quality downloads for Go+ subscribers so they can take their music libraries anywhere and listen at the best possible quality. Download your music from the biggest community-based music service in the world in high quality and listen without having to use up your data or settle for standard quality when you’re away from Wi-Fi.

A few months ago SoundCloud introduced high quality audio streaming so that Go+ subscribers could listen to music at it’s greatest. Now that privilege can be taken anywhere without Wi-Fi. Just head to your app’s settings and to Downloads then select to download in high quality and the app will automatically download anything you select in the highest possible quality encoded in 256kbps AAC.

They have also added a Cruise Control feature which automatically adjusts it’s quality based on your connection. So you’ll hear high quality tracks automatically on Wi-Fi but if you’re roaming then the app will automatically switch down to save your data plan. Just select automatic for Streaming quality in the settings.

SoundCloud Go+ subscribers now get advanced quality on top of unlimited downloads, ad-free listening and an expanded SoundCloud library. You can upgrade to a Go+ listeners profile here.

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