Spotify wraps up your year in music in a festive package for you

Spotify Wrapped is back under your digital tree with how your year has sounded and what you might have missed.

Wrapped is one of Spotify’s quirky web-apps that comes back every year around Christmas Time. The app takes your Spotify profile and looks at what you’ve been listening to in the past year, and offers you your top artists, top tracks and more.

Spotify noted the beautiful escapism of music in tumultuous times, saying: “In a year that many wanted to tune out, music gave us a reason to keep listening.” So with a difficult year out the way it’s interesting to take a look back and the tunes we found solace in and the music that inspired us to keep going.

Sign-in to Spotify Wrapped and receive a playlist of your top tracks, a playlist of tracks Spotify think you’ll like based on your year’s listening and even gives you a quiz on who you’ve been listening to the most – you may be surprised.

Join the fun and get Spotify’s very own streaming Christmas present with Wrapped now:

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