Spotify test stories feature on playlists with behind-the-scenes clips from artists

First debuted in earlier this year, Spotify now expand the feature to some of their most popular playlists, including Christmas Hits and tear drop.

Following the success of Snapchat, Instagram and whole bunch of other social media platforms, Spotify test their own stories feature out after a small introduction earlier this year with select influencers. Spotify invite some of the biggest artists on their playlists to record video clips about their new and classic singles and albums.

Spotify’s Chistmas Hits playlist includes the new feature, with clips from Ava Max, Meghan Trainor, Kelly Clarkson, Brett Eldredge, Stevie Mackey, Jennifer Lopez, Pentatonix and Phil Springer. When viewed on iOS or Android, you’ll see a circular animated preview above the playlist title. Much like Instagram stories, tap the preview to open the story, tap to the right to see the next clips, tap to the left for the previous clip and swipe down to exit. The clips can include track previews. Unlike Instagram, clips are not limited to 15 seconds.

Other playlists with stories includes tear drop and Megan Thee Stallion presents Good News, the Enhanced Album.

Spotify add Singles marketing to their Marquee tool for all artists

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