Spotify release full platform for artists to customise pages and view statistics

Spotify just launched their platform for artists to track their performance and personalise their artist page on the massive music streaming site.

Spotify’s Fan Insights has cocooned out of beta into the full artist-focussed platform ‘Spotify For Artists’ opening up a bunch of brilliant tools as well as vastly easier artist verification. “The set of tools we’ve built to help artists better understand their fans has evolved, and we’re excited to bring these tools together in one place.”

Spotify for Artists is made to be the one-stop hub for artists with their music on Spotify. It lets artists and management access information about who listens to their music and individual song data. Additionally you’re able to edit the image on your artist page, share what your favourite music is at the moment and add playlists to the artist profile – as well as much more:

Know who’s listening.

  • Demographics: Learn about who your listeners are on Spotify — including their age, their gender, and what features they’re using to discover and play your music. Use your insights to refine promotion or secure new partnerships.
  • Location: See detailed breakdowns of where people are listening to your music. Artists are using this data to route tours and pitch songs to local radio.
  • Similar artists: See other artists your fans are listening to so you can find a perfect tourmate or collaborator — or use it to better target your marketing.
  • Live listeners: Your live listeners update in real time, so you know how many people are listening to your music on Spotify.

Track your performance.

  • Song data: Stay on top of how well your latest single is performing or measure the impact of your marketing on your streams.
  • Playlist data: Playlists are key to reaching new listeners on Spotify. See who’s adding your music to their playlists and how that’s helping you get discovered.
  • Playlist notifications: Getting added to a Spotify playlist is a moment to celebrate — so we’ll let you know when we add you to one of our 4,500 curated playlists.

Personalize your artist profile.

  • Artist image: Update your image whenever you want so Spotify always reflects your latest look.
  • Artist’s pick: Let fans know what you’re into by featuring a song, album, or playlist at the top of your artist profile. It’s a great way to show some love to another artist or let fans know about a track you’re featured on.
  • Artist playlists: Add playlists to your artist profile — whether they’re ones you’ve created for fans or a fellow artist’s playlist you’ve got on repeat.

Get answers from the Spotify team.

  • Simplified verification: Once you have access to Spotify for Artists, you’ll get a verified check mark on your artist profile. The days of submitting a separate verification request are over.
  • Help center: Spotify have beefed up their guide and FAQs with more information about Spotify and Spotify for Artists.
  • Get in touch: Spotify’s artist support team is here and ready to answer any questions you have.

Spotify released Fan Insights in 2015 to help artists understand their performance and help them gain unique insights about their music and listeners. Over the space of 17 months Spotify have been learning and refining the platform for the full launch of ‘Spotify for Artists. Spotify say: “We’ve spent time with many artists and managers, listening to their feedback and improving the product. And we’ve heard stories of Fan Insights making an impact by unlocking new touring opportunities and improving artist marketing efforts.”

Spotify added: “This is just the beginning. We’ll continue rapidly evolving and growing Spotify for Artists based on your feedback; you and every artist on Spotify deserve the chance to build an audience, engage your fans, express yourself, and get the support you need.”

Members of Spotify’s Fan Insights beta will automatically be transferred to Spotify for Artists. New users can sign up here:

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    If you mean when your music is sent to Spotify with a pre-order date so it isn’t live as soon as it’s uploaded then you can find your release in Spotify for Artists or get in touch with our support team for a link. Once it is live you can find your music by searching for it. We launched Push.FM last year, which is a service that lets you bring all the links to your music across a variety of services together onto one page for fans to find it no matter how they listen.

    Guys can you help me with my problem? My tracks got to another spotify account not mine can i get them to my account or at lest delete them from spotify?

    hi there Ive just uploaded two tracks through Routenote yesterday can you tell what is the next process for it to come on spotify please? 🙂

    Hi Cyn, we will moderate your release within the next week and once you hear back from the team saying that your release is approved it will take up to a week for most stores and streaming services to upload your music.

    Head to and follow their steps to claim your artist profile once you have at least one release sent to Spotify.

    Hey there When i sign up to routenote and submit a track that ive made and select that i want to upload it to spotify and all the other music apps, do you guys then create account’s for me or do i have to create my own account’s there? Really need answers because i am konfusion…

    Hi Hugo, when your music is uploaded to the stores they will automatically create an artist page for you and your music.

    My releases are approved, How can i get my links to my tracks so i can claim my profiles?
    can you send me artist page links?
    Can I claim withough links?

    I have asked for my links to the tracks for pre-save and have not heard back.

    username same as email

    UPC: 5059654147871
    UPC: 5059654343297
    UPC: 5059654915807

    I need your help. How can I claim and manage my Spotify account, which distributor (Amuse or RouteNote) has opened. Distributor uploaded my music to Spotify and some other sites (Apple Music, etc)? But I can not claim and manage my accounts.
    Please help me with this.
    Thank you in advance!

    Hi, I have the same problem..
    I already submitted my request and they responded that I can’t be verified it needs to be invited by the team something like that

    2 of my tracks have been uploaded to Spotify, but my artist name is not coming out when I claim my artist profile, I can’t find it.

    I already submitted my request and they responded that I can’t be verified it needs to be invited by the team something like that

    Scusate sto caricando una traccia (prima) e mi dice che ci vorranno fino a 72 ore per la revisione ma dopo posso avere il link del pre order?

    How would I claim access to my spotify for artists profile/the ability to submit to playlists before the release is live? This is really important to the promotional process on Spotify and most other distributors offer this service. My release has been approved for release in 2 weeks. Does Routenote offer this? I can’t find any info about it. Cheers

    Hi Molly, if you don’t have any music live with which you can claim your Spotify for Artists profile with, you can get in touch with our team at once you have a release sent to Spotify for pre-order and they can help you gain access before your music goes live.

    Spotify told me I should get my URL and URI from my distributor. I received a URL and URI from I went to Spotify for artists, put in the code and Spotify is telling me I haven’t claimed my artist profile? I need help and Spotify told me you give me that URL. My release date in June 1. Also the Deezer and iTunes URL links provided don’t work either. I have contacted them and it all comes back to you – that is what they all tell me. Please help, thank you.

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