Spotify refuse to release exclusive albums, opting for a more original route of exclusive releases by getting bands in for live sessions at their headquarters.

Back in November Spotify had Coldplay come to their headquarters in London to record a small live performance in front of a limited audience. Now Spotify are releasing the 5 tracks from the performance exclusively on their music streaming platform.

Spotify describe Coldplay Live From Spotify London as a “five-track collection of unique, stripped-back live recordings, performed in front of a small audience at Spotify’s London headquarters in November 2016”. The session features stripped back versions of Viva La Vida, Yellow, Everglow, Adventure Of A Lifetime, and Christmas Lights live.

Whilst Coldplay may have made their latest album unavailable on Spotify for a week after its release they still have a great relationship, especially on Spotify’s part. Spotify said that: “Coldplay is the most-streamed band of all time on Spotify, and reached a total of five billion streams earlier this week.”

Spotify’s Coldplay sessions follow the recent debut of their new, exclusive Singles series which features major artists like John Legend and Tove Lo re-recording one of their hit singles with Spotify. To make it even more interesting the artists then record a cover of a song they love for the B-side, released exclusively on Spotify.

Exclusive releases have become a major deal for streaming services as the landscape becomes more and more competitive. Services like Apple Music and Tidal have opted for launching new albums from artists like Drake and Beyonce exclusively on their service, however Spotify have spoken out on how this is unfair to fans who don’t want to subscribe to every service. This is why Spotify are making their exclusive releases unique but still appealing, for the superfans without restricting all the fans.

Listen to Coldplay Live From Spotify here.