Spotify have overtaken Deezer in their homeland

Deezer have just lost the lead in music streaming in their country of origin as Spotify take the top spot for listening in France.

Spotify have just been announced as the number one streaming service in France. They’ve taken the place of Deezer whose base is in France and launched there in 2007, just a year after Spotify began streaming music.

In partnership with Telco Orange, Deezer have been the leaders in music streaming in the country since then. It was announced by Electron Libre, with confirmation from industry sources, that last month Spotify overtook them for the largest number of paying subscribers in France.

Despite the overtake, Deezer aren’t too upset by the news. They’ve cited the fact that they still pay out more to the music industry despite having less subscribers, now. Out of the streaming revenues paid out to the 3 major labels in France, Deezer paid the most with 37.5% of the €138.1m paid out in the first six months of 2019. Spotify represented just 25.2% in comparison.

Deezer’s CEO, Hans-Holger Albrecht said: “We’ve seen the news that Spotify has more subscribers than Deezer in France. We continue to be the leader in the French music market both in terms of total revenues and our contribution to the French music industry.

“Not bad for a challenger company with a team that’s a fraction of Spotify’s, all in all.” Which is true, Deezer is a small fish in comparison to Spotify’s global reach now. They have 7 million paying subscribers and thanks to their expansions in recent years now have 14 million total users around the world.

Meanwhile, Spotify are sitting pretty with almost 250 million active users and 113 million paid subscribers worldwide. So yeah, not bad Albrecht. Not bad at all

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