Spotify for Artists new app gives artists a fresh hub with real-time stats and a new look

Spotify have given their mobile app a fresh coat of pain but most excitingly they now show streaming stats for artist’s tracks as they happen.

Spotify for Artists is an amazing hub for musicians and music makers to take control of their artist profile and track their performance on Spotify. Over the years they’ve been building the platform to make it increasingly better for artists with more and more tools and they may have just launched their most significant update yet.

The new app is now live on Android and iOS and brings a bunch of new additions to get excited about. Lets go through everything that’s new on the Spotify for Artists app.

Celebrate your new releases and milestones

Releasing new music? Congrats! The latest Spotify for Artists app continues to help you keep track of your new release with real-time listening stats for the first week after you go live. That means you can see how many listeners are playing your tracks across the world at any given moment. We’re also making it easier to track important milestones – from when you make it onto a playlist, to when you get new followers.

Real-time stats
Real-time stats

Learn the latest tips and tricks

On the new Home tab, we’ll provide recommendations for articles and videos to help you get the most out of Spotify. From understanding how to read your data and watching presentations from our Co.Lab events, to learning about product updates and getting the Best Advice from some of the world’s most successful artists, it can all be found in the app.

The new "home" tab
The new “home” tab

Understand your fans

As always, we’re making it as easy as possible to get to know who’s listening to your music — who they are, where they’re coming from, and similar artists they’re jamming out to. You’ll also be able to see your latest stats for all your songs and playlists in a clear and visual way.

Understand your fans
Understand your fans

Manage your profile or roster of artists

On the road and have an exciting update to share with your fans? You can continue to easily manage your profile right from the app, with the ability to manage your profile image, bio, playlists, and Artist’s Pick right from the artists page shown below. Managing a roster of artists? It’s now easy to switch between artists, too.

Manage your profile
Manage your profile

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