Handcrafted playlists make a truly special music streaming experience and SoundCloud know that.

SoundCloud are bringing a new range of personalised weekly playlists to enhance your listening experience and discovery. New curated playlists from “some of the leading names in music” will also be bringing fresh new life to SoundCloud’s playlist selection.

The curators defining the playlists are made up of “music industry VIPs” like former Editor-in-Chief at Pitchfork – Mark Richardson, electronic music journalist and critic – Philip Sherburne, music journalists – Sowmya Krishnamurthy and David Turner, and more. They’ll be curating playlists of the hottest new tracks, undiscovered artists, and rising stars.

New additions include:

– “The Feed” curates an artists’ likes, follows and reposts on SoundCloud. First up is hip-hop artist Juice Wrld’s SoundCloud stream.

– “Noise and 808s” ft. the new, new beats from the loudest names in rap.

– “The Morning Mourning Playlist” is for everyone who agrees: mornings suck.

– “DTFunk” is your soundtrack for a freaky first date (whatever that means to you).

– “Speed Bumps” brings you rapid electro from around the world.

– “Drippin,” updated daily, is our handcrafted hip-hop playlist bringing you what’s new and hot in rap.

SoundCloud are introducing community pages that bring together music communities for an authentic home on the music streaming platform. Community pages will be home to SoundCloud’s new handcrafted playlists and will allow fans to interact with other fans of the same musical taste and the community curators.

Each community is built around a genre or vibe. SoundCloud say: “Do you blast hip-hop hooks on repeat? Follow Hustle. Are you looking for lowkey vibes? You might be into Scenes. If you just can’t WAIT for the build to drop, maybe your thing is The Peak. Find your community below and join the conversation to stay up-to-date on new tracks, emerging creators and more.”

For artists these playlists will give a better chance of getting heard on SoundCloud. SoundCloud Premier users can also look forward to a playlist submission tool for their tracks coming soon so they can put their music to SoundCloud personally for consideration.

Find your new community from all the new profiles here:


The Peak











La Onda