SoundCloud’s music library now 5x bigger than Spotify’s

SoundCloud have just re-affirmed their position with the biggest music streaming catalogue in the world with over 200 million tracks.

SoundCloud have announced that they now have over 200 million tracks live and streaming on their platform. They are home to the biggest catalogue of music in the world thanks to their open platform allowing anyone to upload their music and share it with the world.

That’s 5 times the number of tracks available for streaming on Spotify, one of the world’s favourite services for music streaming. With “over 35 million” songs on Spotify and Apple Music’s 45+ million SoundCloud definitely lead the market when it comes to quantity.

Whilst traditional streaming services upload music from labels and distributors SoundCloud allows users to upload music themselves. This has built their catalogue up over the years as an amazing home to share music from home recordings to DJ sets, remixes, independent albums and more.

In 2016 SoundCloud launched SoundCloud Go, a new subscription service that offered features like offline plays and ad-free streaming. It also hybridised them with traditional streaming services as it added licensed music from major labels to it’s library available for streaming with subscription. That boosted their catalogue to 125 million tracks across all of their offerings that year.

Now barely 3 years later SoundCloud have reached 200 million tracks live on their platform. As they say themselves: “That’s 200 million uploads… that have launched careers, created movements, and resulted in what SoundCloud is today: the most diverse community of creators and catalog of music that exists nowhere else.”

SoundCloud took note of the artist that became their 200 millionth upload. You can read their feature on Francesca Lombardo and her milestone upload on the SoundCloud Blog.

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