Image credit: ConvertKit with Courtland Allen

It’s going to be a hard time for a lot of artists in many different ways over the coming months and SoundCloud have some advice to keep you connected.

Festivals are cancelling, venues closing down, tours ending and more thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s going to be a challenging period for lots of people but fortunately the music community is a wonderful place and we have each other (and our music!).

It is also going to be a great time to get back to the drawing board and create some music in our homes. It’s also an opportunity to connect with fans in some new ways whilst you and the listeners are at home. SoundCloud have shared 7 tips to do just that:

Reach out to your top fans: Everyone may be stuck at home, but you can still build relationships with your number-ones. Look through your track comments and thank the people throwing praise or fire emojis on your waveform. Or maybe even take time to DM to ask for more feedback (they’ll also have a few minutes on their hands). Pro tip: If you have Pro Unlimited you can use SoundCloud’s Stats tab to find out who is listening most. Shoot them a message or a snippet of an unreleased track and you may just convert a top listener into a lifelong fan.

Release b-sides: If you’re like us, music is a key component of your self-care plan. It’s a perfect time to go back to the archives and upload your rarities, b-sides and demos. The new music will help keep your fans’ spirits high while getting them even more excited for your next release. And with uploading to SoundCloud available on mobile, you can do all of this directly from your phone. Think your demo still needs some work? Move along to the next bullet.

Collaborate with peers: If there are any collaborations you’ve dreamed of or know your fans would love, it’s time to shoot your shot. In all likelihood, most artists are sitting near their computers and have the time to throw ideas back and forth using private links

Share live versions of your music: With live music at a standstill, ticket-holders and performers are dreaming of the next time they can go to their favorite venue. Luckily in lieu of shows, you can share home-recorded performances of your songs to help bridge the gap. Sure, an iPhone on a stand isn’t really the same vibe as a rowdy audience singing your lyrics, but by seeding this content, you may find your post-quarantine shows that much more packed.

Upload Behind the Scenes content: When your fans get tired of Rona memes, they’ll probably be on the hunt for some quality content. Share the stories behind your tracks to pull them out of their rooms and into your world for a while.

Tease your next project: Your rollout may be pushed back but you can get fans hyped about your latest tunes. Uploading 20-30 second teasers can help give listeners something to look forward to, while saving your release for a better time. Pro tip: With Pro Unlimited, you can replace tracks without losing your stats.

Set up some alternate revenue streams

  • Start a podcast and feature other musicians affected by COVID-19, share your stories, and bumper the content by dropping your GoFundMe and Kickstarter links so fans can support your new content. On SoundCloud, you can start podcasting in seconds
  • Share your merch store on socials. If you don’t have one yet, now’s a great time to start thinking about your brand, logo, and creative (comfy) alternatives to the hat and t-shirt combos. Then add the link to your bio directly from your phone.
  • Connect with new fans and get paid. With a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscription, you can join our direct monetization program, SoundCloud Premier to start promoting your music to new fans on SoundCloud, sending it to every major music service, and getting paid for your plays everywhere.