SoundCloud want to get students streaming at a discount

SoundCloud are offering a new discount for students allowing them unlimited music streaming for $4.99 a month.

SoundCloud Go is now available at half price for all students so that you can accompany your studies with the biggest library of music online at a discount. SoundCloud Go+ for Students offers their premium streaming service with unlimited downloads for listening offline, ad-free streaming of all the music on SoundCloud, and high quality streams for the best quality experience of SoundCloud.

The new student discount takes 50% off the usual subscription price of SoundCloud Go+, making it just $4.99. SoundCloud Go+ for Students is available wherever you can subscribe to Go+. You can sign up for it and see how much it costs for your region here.

SoundCloud say: “With instant access to tomorrow’s hits the second they’re uploaded, you can flex your tastemaker status and find the music your friends will be listening to next year. And when you’re not busy scanning your feed for the next big thing, you can connect to artists in real-time – because SoundCloud is the only platform where fans and creators interact and move music culture forward together. So keep giving your two cents in the comments and pressing that Share button, and know that your actions on SoundCloud are empowering creators to make their best possible work.”

Students can sign up for SoundCloud Go+ now and get their streaming subscription half price.

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