SoundCloud artists can now edit their tracks and feature content on their profiles on both iOS and Android.

SoundCloud added spotlight editing and track editing for iOS users in January. Allowing creators to change their track name, tags, and more whilst spotlight editing allowed them to feature tracks and playlists at the top of their profile giving them way more control over their SoundCloud profile on the go.

The feature has now come to Android so that the broad array of SoundCloud users can whip out their phones to edit their profiles. Whilst you may not be as likely to use it out and about considering the situation at the moment – you can change your tracks title from your sofa, or add links to your description on the toilet now!

Once we’re not self-isolating you’ll be able to truly take advantage of creative control on the move with SoundCloud’s iOS and Android apps.

Edit tracks on the go:

  • Within the latest version of the SoundCloud app, select the track you want to update
  • Tap the three dots
  • Select “Edit track” 
  • Update your artwork, track titles, descriptions, genre and privacy settings on the spot
  • Once your tracks are ready to go, you can turn them from private to public
  • After all that hard work, make sure your best tracks get heard first with the Spotlight feature, available to SoundCloud Pro subscribers

Uploaders can select a single track or pin a whole playlist to the top of their page, simply from their phone.

Add music to your Spotlight from your phone:

  • Just tap on the “Pin items to your profile” banner
  • Select up to five tracks, albums or playlists and hit “Done” 
  • Review and save your selections
  • See your priority content pinned to Spotlight where fans can play it the second they land on your profile