SoundCloud aid music discovery with new feed of recommended music

SoundCloud look to cement themselves as a serious music streaming service with Discover, their first section dedicated to music recommendations based on what you like.

SoundCloud have added an entire new section to their website to help you discover new music throughout their giant music catalog. The Discover feed lives next to your home ‘Stream’ and the no-longer-newest addition ‘Charts‘.

Discover will present you with loads of suggested tracks based on tracks or artists you’ve liked or listened to in the past. In grid view you get a list of 10 tracks on each line based on different suggestions: for example your first line of tracks might be “Because you played Kanye West – No More Parties In L.A.” and would show you 10 tracks recommended to you based on that track. Each line after then shows another list of 10 suggestions based on other music you’ve liked or played.

Discover music streaming android
SoundCloud’s new discover feature is on mobile too

SoundCloud’s focus has always been on creating an open, free platform where artists from around the world could upload their music to be heard by a global audience. Having achieved that to a giant extent over the years SoundCloud looked to move into the music streaming world of today with their first paid subscription service – SoundCloud Go.

Music discovery and personalised recommendations have become an integral part of music streaming services and is often the basis of competition between rival services. Spotify’s Discover Weekly has been a giant success, used by 40 million unique users and resulting in over 5 billion track streams since launching last July.

Microsoft just recently previewed a personalised collection of playlists on their own streamer Groove to Windows Insider users. With the streaming landscape heating up with competition it was only a matter of time before SoundCloud added discovery features, and luckily for us that time has come.

SoundCloud Discover is available now on the web and the SoundCloud iOS and Android apps.


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