SoundCloud sign giant deal to get European rights holders paid

SoundCloud have signed a giant deal with the pan-European rights managers ICE so that rights holders can receive revenue from SoundCloud, particularly SoundCloud Go.

SoundCloud have signed a multi-territory license with ICE to ensure that European music on SoundCloud receives it’s entitled earnings. ICE are a collected society of music royalty collection companies including STIM, GEMA, and the British PRS for Music, which SoundCloud already made a deal with last year.

SoundCloud’s vice president of content partnerships Donagh O’Malley said in a statement: “We’re pleased to have reached yet another agreement that enables us to continue to build a place for voracious lovers of music and all forms of creative audio content, whilst ensuring rights holders’ work is rewarded and respected.

“The agreement with ICE adds to the growing number of deals that expand our already expansive catalogue of unique content, and strengthen our connected community of creators, listeners and curators who are fuelled by their genuine passion for music and creativity.”

Last year SoundCloud faced criticism from many of the major labels for it’s copyright-ridden, free platform taking away revenue from the original creators and rights holders. In response SoundCloud launched their first ever paid streaming service and added ads to their free service.

With SoundCloud Go users can sign up for a monthly cost and gain access to an extended library, save music for offline, and unlimited ad-free music streaming. Whilst their free platform is, of course, still available SoundCloud have added short ads like you would get on Spotify so that artists can still earn money for their plays. Now that applies to all artists and rights holders in Europe that come under ICE’s protection as well.

Speaking on their deal with SoundCloud ICE’s licensing commercial director Ben McEwen said: “The deal with SoundCloud marks another significant step forward as ICE continues to work to simplify multi-territory licensing for the benefit of rights holders and digital music service providers alike.”

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