After years of pining from fans SoundCloud have finally added a queue that listeners can customise to their taste.

SoundCloud have added a new feature to their music streaming service that somehow wasn’t implemented years ago, but at least it’s here now! With Up Next, when you’re listening to music on SoundCloud’s massive, community-based music streamer you can completely view and customise what you’re listening to and what’s coming up next.

With a visible play queue users can finally see what SoundCloud has offered them up to play. With Play Next listeners can now choose their perfect stream to listen to with the option to re-order songs, remove them and add more to the queue. The new feature also means that you can see exactly what’s coming up on Shuffle and Repeat modes.

Queues have long been a staple in music players, even Windows Media Player 10+ years ago let you edit what’s up next. SoundCloud are late to the party but it hasn’t stopped them becoming the biggest creator-based online music platform. Dropping new features like Next Up puts them more online with other streaming services and gives them even more credibility in a competitive industry – Online music.

Next up is already working on the SoundCloud website and the Android app and is “coming soon” for their iOS app.