SoundCloud Pulse, App For Creators Comes To iOS

SoundCloud have added their new app for creators SoundCloud Pulse to iOS after it released on Android last November.

iPhone users can celebrate today as the SoundCloud Pulse app has come to iOs devices, four months after it’s launch on Android last November. SoundCloud Pulse acts as a companion to it’s original SoundCloud app except where one works for listeners and the other for artists. The original app now works like a streaming platform for SoundCloud’s giant library of user-generated content. SoundCloud Pulse instead focuses on creators and gives them the option to run their profile on mobiles.

SoundCloud Pulse is dedicated for creators and artists allowing them to interact with listeners, view stats, share sounds and songs, and follow other users. The original SoundCloud app moved away from creator control in 2014 to put emphasis on the listeners, a move that was met with backlash from SoundCloud users.

As one of the biggest streaming services in the world SoundCloud holds a massive place in the community of independent artists, and even majors like Calvin Harris and Major Lazer. This importance is why it was crucial that, in a world moving ever-more mobile, there’s an option for creators on-the-go. Having recently signed deals with three of the four major global record labels SoundCloud look to only increase their influence in the world of online music.

SoundCloud Pulse is available for free now on iOS and Android.

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