SoundCloud Premier isn’t the best choice for artists

SoundCloud have just launched Premier which allows artists to upload their music for monetisation directly with them. But questionable terms and un-defined revenue percentages means RouteNote is still the best option for artists.

Created four years ago, SoundCloud Premier offers artists self-monetization for artists with music on their platform. It’s been in an invite-only beta up until now and it is now open to all artists. Whilst it might seem ideal to get monetized directly after uploading to SoundCloud the deal isn’t the greatest option for artists and you will benefit much more by joining our SoundCloud network – this information comes from The Verge.

When you upload your music for direct monetization with SoundCloud you agree to certain terms which can seriously restrict your music and the terms of payment aren’t fully defined by them. The payout percentages on your streams could change at any time and when you actually receive that payment is left unclear. With RouteNote we have a clearly defined 85% royalty payout, all of which goes straight to artists on the 15th of every month – this will never change.

The most questionable part of this deal however is that SoundCloud asks you to sign away all of your rights to sue them, or to even assist someone in a lawsuit against them. Now of course you’d hope that you would never need to sue SoundCloud after monetising your music on their platform, but it raises questions as to why they feel the need to protect themselves in this way. This means that if SoundCloud use your music in a way that you never gave them permission to, you have no grounds to take action.

Of course we still love SoundCloud and we love working with them to help artists get paid for their music and allow them to be heard by listeners all around the world. We just feel that in the interest of artists that SoundCloud Premier isn’t the best available option for artists and you are much better off joining our SoundCloud Network and monetising any of your tracks on RouteNote.

For all the information on SoundCloud Premier and why it might not be the best choice for you as an artist, you can read The Verge’s take on it here.

Our SoundCloud Network is free to join, offers full transparency over your statistics, 85% of revenues go to you, you keep 100% ownership over your music ALWAYS. We also offer a free Unlimited upgrade to your account when you join so you can upload as many tracks as you like. We work on a no lock-in basis, so you can come and go as you like at any time – forever.

To find out more about our SoundCloud Network and sign up or upload your music, head here –

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