SoundCloud now lets you release Albums, EPs, and Singles

SoundCloud have added Albums to their platform so you can share proper Albums of music separate from your playlists.

Yesterday SoundCloud began rolling out a whole new section of their community driven music streaming platform – Albums. Whereas before SoundCloud allowed you to create playlists, which many would use to collect the tracks of their albums into one collection, you can now create officially marked and sorted albums on SoundCloud.

You can also mark whether the newly created album is an EP, Single, or a Compilation, or a playlist as before. This massively improves the platforms ability to showcase users’ music, whereas before everything was sorted into separate tracks that could be collected into playlists, and will likely draw in users to release more of their official music releases on SoundCloud.

In their announcement SoundCloud said:

One of SoundCloud’s early aims was to help creators share their work, track-by-track. Over the years, the platform evolved to enable the creation of playlists. As the diversity of both our creators and listeners continues to grow, we want to give creators more ways to share and organize their work, and listeners even more ways to discover, share and interact with the massive catalog of music and audio available today on SoundCloud.

For listeners, we are constantly looking for new ways to help you discover and experience all of your favourite music on SoundCloud, we hope you enjoy this new addition.

Albums feature music streaming EPs singles playlists

You can create a new Album, EP, Compilation or Single, or if you want to turn one of your old playlists into a proper release you can do that easily as well. Just go to a playlist, select edit and choose which type of release you would like to mark it as. You can create it on upload by uploading all the tracks of your release at once and then choosing which type of release you’d like.

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