SoundCloud launch unlimited offline tracks for DJ programs

Image credit: Krys Amon

DJs have been able to expand their libraries with SoundCloud music in the last year and they can take the tunes with them, even offline.

Starting at the end of 2018, SoundCloud have been partnering with DJ software programs to give access to their huge library to mix with on the fly. So far they’ve partnered with favourites like Serato DJ, Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, and many more.

SoundCloud have now announced that they’re making unlimited offline access available to all of their DJ performance software partners. This means DJs can save the tracks they use and take them with them wherever they go.

It allows DJs to take their sets to clubs and venues that don’t have internet connections, which has held back the use of the SoundCloud library. It also means that dips in internet connection or slow routers aren’t going to hold up the party.

SoundCloud have also introduced track data in-app to easily help DJs match songs up. It allows users to quickly see a track’s key and tempo and use that knowledge to build up a mega mix that slides together smoothly.

The new offline access comes as part of a brand new subscription offering tailored to DJs. Now DJs can sign up to ‘SoundCloud DJ’ for unlimited access to their 200+ million tracks with total offline access, high quality audio, and the aforementioned track details.

At just $19.99 a month, SoundCloud DJ is a highly competitive subscription for DJs looking for a huge library of music to use instantly in their sets.

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