SoundCloud have just launched a brand new way of finding the best new music on their massive platform with a list tailored to your tastes.

‘The Upload’ is a brand new discovery feature from SoundCloud that presents you with a new list of recommendations every day. Whilst SoundCloud has a number of features for personalised music suggestions this is the first daily playlist made just for you out from new uploads only.

SoundCloud’s music platform is massive with thousands of new music uploaded every single day. Sorting the wheat from the chaff out of new uploads, especially from less popular artists, was a mountainous challenge. Now ‘The Upload’ sorts through the masses for you and filters tracks it thinks you’ll like based on your listening history and likes.

SoundCloud said in their launch statement: “With the largest and most diverse music catalog around, we want to make discovery on SoundCloud even easier and we’re utilizing machine learning to offer new ways for you to find more music. This new feature is another opportunity for creators on SoundCloud to get their music heard by our global community and a great way for listeners to be on the pulse of what’s next, now.”

The Upload is available under the Discover tab from SoundCloud’s website and from the search tab in their iOS and SoundCloud apps. In a similar way to Spotify’s Discover Weekly the playlist gets better the more music you listen to and like, and with its music net trawling through songs that are fresh from the past few days it’s almost bound to be new to you.

Check it out on SoundCloud now and start discovering awesome new music!