SoundCloud Go Is Now Available Dans La France For Offline Music And Ad-Free Listening

SoundCloud’s subscription service is available for French listeners from today to offer offline listening, access to even more tracks, and no ads.

SoundCloud Go launched their first ever subscription offering (for listeners) in the US in March to success, and support from the industry. Now exactly one week after SoundCloud Go launched in the UK and Ireland it’s extending across the Channel and into France.

France are the fourth market to get Go around the world with more European countries expected to be its next launch targets. SoundCloud Go offers mobile users the ability to save tracks for offline listening, removes ads between tracks and gives you access to an extended song catalogue of over 125 million tracks. For example Kanye West made his recent album The Life of Pablo available for SoundCloud Go listeners.

In their release statement, SoundCloud said: “Today’s launch is part of our ongoing commitment to building an ecosystem where creators have opportunities to be paid for the work they share. So beginning today, the free SoundCloud listening experience in France will now be supported by advertising. When you hear an ad, artists, get paid.”

This development has been incredibly important to SoundCloud’s survival. It’s undeniable that SoundCloud is a massive online music platform that is important to many artists, but for years it remained a free service and contained a lot of copyright material, especially due to it’s massive community of remixers. This came to a head last year as labels and artists grew more aware of these infringements, leading to SoundCloud signing deals with major labels including Universal Music.

Go music streaming

Now with label deals and a revenue-generating platform artists and labels can get rightly paid for their music or use of their music on the site. Free users need not worry however, as their service remains a place to listen, discover, share, and upload for free with the option to pay for extras and no ads – like a community driven Spotify.

French SoundCloud users can start a 30-day free trial of SoundCloud Go today from here, or through the updated app. After your free 30 days a Go subscription costs €9.99 or if you sign up on iOS €12.99.

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