SoundCloud for Desktop Goes Flat: New Design is Live

SoundCloud Page

Out with the old and in with the new. Ever since SoundCloud redesigned its iOS and Android app last year, with the fresh, modern, flat design, it seemed the desktop site had been left in the dirt and forgotten.

With a new update, the site gets some welcome flat design tweaks, with some nice additions adding to the functionality.

SoundCloud Old Top

Top Bar

The top bar loses the gradients, for solid colours. Icons are redone to suite the modern style.

SoundCloud Old Bottom

Bottom Bar

The bottom play, pause, skip, previous bar, has been stretched across the page, with an additional slider to scrub through a track. As before, this bar stays locked to the bottom when exploring through the site, continuing to play your music.

It’s not huge features or a redesign, but it’s subtle differences that bring the site to the 21st century.

For an idea of what a redesign could look like, check out Medium’s mockup.

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