SoundCloud co-founder says: Streaming is about to “really explode”

In a recent interview SoundCloud co-founder Eric Wahlforss shared his opinions on the music streaming landscape, it’s future and SoundCloud’s place within.

Eric Wahlforss recently spoke to the Telegraph on various aspects of his massive, open music streaming platform SoundCloud. In particular Wahlforss described with enthusiasm how, despite it’s already exponential growth in recent years, music streaming is going to boom in the coming years.

Speaking on what makes SoundCloud unique, Wahlforss said:

While other services offer a retail-like experience, SoundCloud is more about a connected community of creators, listeners and curators. We have the largest and most diverse catalogue of content and we’re accessible to everyone who wants to share their sounds

The introduction of SoundCloud Go means that subscribers can listen offline and access the full repertoire of artists signed to independent and major labels – like other streaming services – but also discover emerging creators and hear new tracks from independent and established artists.

Speaking on the future of music streaming in general, Wahlforss continued:

Streaming is still in its relative infancy compared to other, more traditional ways of consuming music, and while 2016 saw incredible growth, we’re set to see it really explode.

The music industry is now embracing streaming and analysts project that global recorded music revenues will grow significantly over the next 10 years. Revenue opportunities for creators should also dramatically increase. Because we ultimately want all artists to be compensated for the work they share via our platform, that’s a positive sign.

You can read the full interview, where Wahlforss discusses SoundCloud’s licensing and copyright practices, his past’s impact on his work, the way people listen to music and more, here:

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