SoundCloud are no longer changing their upload limits

Earlier this week SoundCloud announced that they would reduce their free upload limit, to the backlash of their community.

SoundCloud have announced that they will no longer be changing the upload limit for free users. The limit will remain as it always has, at 3 hours of content after which artists will need a subscription to upload more audio.

SoundCloud have been a free platform for creators all over the world to share their music with anyone. For the last 12 years SoundCloud has been a favourite destination for artists but news announced earlier this week split the community.

The original upload limit for free creators allowed up to 3 hours of uploads, after which users would either be required to remove some tracks or pay to upgrade – a reasonable position. The news earlier this week stated that from the 9th of December that limit would change to either 3 hours of audio or 15 tracks maximum.

Many artists were outraged, being more than capable to be within the 3 hour of limits with 15 or more tracks. They promised that it wouldn’t affect past uploads that went over the new limits, but the community were split. Some said it was fair enough and told users they should pay for it if they enjoy using SoundCloud so much, whilst others looked to alternative sites to migrate to.

One user on a Reddit thread, where SoundCloud took note of the criticism, said: “There isn’t a lot of easy-access websites like this that offer the same services at the same quality.”

In defense of SoundCloud’s decision, another Reddit user responded saying: “Pay to use the service if it’s so great! If you don’t want to pay, find a different service. If you want the service, then pay. It’s as easy as that.”

But SoundCloud listened to the responses and decided to reverse their decision. They said about their community, that they had learned “from what you’ve said, and reflecting about what makes SoundCloud special as an open platform that helps creators of all types express themselves.”

They’ve promised that instead of changing their upload limits they will continue to refine their balance between their free and paid offerings. From many of the comments it seems artists deem the subscription cost for SoundCloud Pro Unlmited to high to convert to – though it’s unknown what SoundCloud meant by refining their balance.

They finished their statement, assuring their community that: “We’re exited for what’s ahead. We have a strong roadmap of new features, products and updates for you. And we’ll continue to gather support and feedback from you, the community of creators who have helped build SoundCloud into what it is today.”

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