Shazam Update Makes Song Recognition Better and Faster

13 years after launching Shazam shows no sign of slowing down with their new update making song discovery even easier.

Shazam have rolled out a large new update that revamps the search function, so you can search for artists and songs manually more easily, and brings their music recognition software to it’s fastest build yet. Shazam uses it’s database of millions of songs and, when using the app, searches for an ‘audio fingerprint’ that matches the one you’ve played into your devices microphone.

Charles Henrich, Shazam’s Chief Technology Officer, said in a press release: “Our research team works continually to improve our recognition technology, and our latest release significantly reduces the amount of time required to get a result, making this our fastest Shazam experience ever.” Some users have reported discovering music in less than a second since the new update.

As well as improved audio search functionality the app has updated it’s text-based search bar so that you can access it directly on the home page, whereas before it was slightly hidden within the app. This update comes shortly after Shazam debuted Verified Artists profiles for artists, having racked up 600 Verified Artists and 2 billion followers so far.

Rich Riley, the CEO of Shazam, said: “We’re always trying to improve the Shazam experience, both on the front-end and the back-end but this updates represents the biggest to-date changes to our core algorithm.”

Verified artists gives users the ability to get an in-depth look at an artist’s work as well as letting them see what they discover and listen to. Riley added: “We find that music artists have a real relationship to Shazam, and they often discover music on Shazam that has only been shazamed a few times before that.”

When Shazam first started in 2002 it was a small UK based company, known as “2580”, which was the shortcode you would have to dial to use the service.  Originally you would ring the service and after 30 seconds it would hang up and send you the name of the song and artist playing via text. Eventually they added links in the text message so that customers could download the track from the internet.

In 2004 Shazam launched their service in the US, their first big expansion. Then on 10th July 2008 the smartphone app for Shazam was launched in conjunction with Apple’s App Store. With iTunes integration this application was the beginning of the Shazam we have come to know and love. Now 7 years after the launch of the application and 13 years after being founded, Shazam are still going strong, having established themselves as one of the largest music technology companies in the world.

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