Shazam update and redesigned the iOS app and launch a new web app

Image Credit: Shazam

Shazam bring their music identification to the web, as well as update the iOS app with a fresh new design, smarter notifications and charts redesign.

The new web Shazam application is currently in beta and works on Safari, Chrome and Firefox on macOS and Chrome OS.

The iOS redesign puts music discovery first, with a large “S” button front and centre to start Shazaming. Swipe up to go to My Music and see all of your past Shazams. Shazam Charts are now available through the Search tool.

Connect Shazam to Apple Music to sync more of your past Shazam. Deleting a song from Apple Music will ensure it isn’t added again. Connect to Spotify to find and sync more of your new Shazam. The app will try to sync again on your next Shazam if connection is lost.

Shazam update
Image Credit: Shazam

App notes for version 14.2:

Shazam has a new look!
– Swipe up on home to access your past Shazams.
– Get notified when we find your missed or offline Shazams.
– See what’s trending with Charts. Now available in Search.

Use Apple Music or Spotify?
Syncing Shazams to your “My Shazam Tracks” playlist just got better!

For Apple Music:
– We’ll now sync more of your past Shazams.
– If you delete a song in Apple Music, it won’t be added back again.

For Spotify:
– We’ll now find and sync more of your new Shazams.
– If you lose connection, we’ll try to sync again on your next Shazam.

If you haven’t tried it, give it a go from Shazam Settings.

Shazam update release notes

The update is available to all iOS users now.

With iOS 14.2 last month, Apple introduced deeper OS integration, with the ability to add Shazam to the Control Centre.

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