Shazam Experimenting With Exclusive Song Releases

The popular music discovery and identification application Shazam is testing distributing new music on the app.

Shazam have expanded their service a lot since their foundations in 1999, with movie partnerships, exclusive advertising campaigns, visual scanning and special offers/features with artists. However as a primarily music based company Shazam have never been a platform for actually releasing new music on – up until now.

Shazam are now experimenting with a feature whereby certain users will gain access to a QR code, which they scan on their smartphone’s camera using Shazam. They will then be taken to an exclusive, early release of a track(s) by an artist before it’s released anywhere else. Not just a promotional tool, this could bring a whole new dimension to the already globally used application.

Mick Management, an artist management firm, recently partnered with Sony’s RCA Records to send out 500 postcards to certain fans of the folk singer Ray LaMontagne. LaMontagne’s new album, Ouroboros, is set to release March 4th but, with these exclusive postcards, fans could scan a QR code using Shazam and gain early access to a song from the upcoming album, before anyone else.

Shazam’s Chief Revenue Officer, Greg Glenday said: “I think this will give people an idea on how to use us as an egagement tool.” According to Wall Street Journal‘s report another postcard has since been sent out.

Shazam reports use by over 120 million users a month and has come a long way from it’s early foundations of call and text functionality to become a billion dollar company and one of the most widely used apps in the world.

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