See what fans are saying with waveform comments on SoundCloud Mobile

Let people know what you think of music and see what other’s are saying in real-time as waveform comments come to SoundCloud mobile.

SoundCloud is unique in a world of music streaming services for it’s emphasis on community. Commenting, sharing, and most importantly uploading music by yourself creates a communal vibe that service like Spotify and Apple Music just don’t have. Real-time comments are a massive part of that.

Anyone who has used SoundCloud on the web will be familiar with waveform comments. You can comment on tracks as you listen and the comment will then become highlighted during the section of the track the comment was made so you can revel in a bass drop together or fawn over a certain melody together.

This unique part of SoundCloud’s DNA is now a feature on SoundCloud’s mobile app so that the ever-growing army of smartphone listeners can take part in the musical commentary as it happens as well. SoundCloud tout it as not just a great tool for listeners to start a discussion on the music but also for artists to see exactly when people are having the best reaction to your music.

Join the conversation

  • Open the full-screen player and see comments appear on the waveform of a track. (Note, you’ll need to have the latest version of SoundCloud app and track must already have comments.)
  • Click the comment when it appears on the waveform to view the full comment thread.
  • Once the thread appears, leave a new comment or reply to another user’s comment at a specific moment in the track.
  • See your response come to life on the waveform.

Commenting on the waveform is available via the latest version of the SoundCloud mobile app on Android, and will be coming soon on iOS.

Even if you don’t have an Android, your fans that do will see the comment bubbles float by on their waveforms, so don’t worry, they’re still talking. Make sure you’re keeping the conversation going by checking your comments and replying back. 

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