Searching Music On Deezer Easier Than Ever With Hashtags

Deezer have just implemented a new feature into their search function that makes it easier than ever to find the music that fits your mood. Yesterday they announced that they have added the ability to search with hashtags in the Deezer Search Field.

Using hashtags, rather than searching for a specific artist or track you can use keywords that are tagged to all the music that fits under that bracket. So say you’re in the mood for reliving some of the disco scene, just type into the search bar #disco. Can’t stand the post-disco of the 80’s? Narrow it down further with an extra hashtag, for example #70s.

Using Deezer’s new hashtag functions you can search for a range of music, by genre or decade, that specifically suits what you’re looking for. Rather than a generated playlist for a genre, you can see all the music available that has been tagged under that genre, showing you the most popular artists, songs, albums and playlists. You will also be provided with recommended tags to combine yours with, allowing you to explore different elements of a genre/decade without knowing anything about it.

There is even the potential for music discovery when you search for music using Tags. For example two genres that you would never think to go together, could come up with some interesting results. Have you listened to country-metal before? No? Well nows your chance to get discovering!

hashtags on deezer


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    Thank you! I had no idea Deezer offered this even though I’ve been using them for probably close to a year. I was able to use it with their web site but not on the Android. I’ll take anything I can get, seeing as how music streaming services don’t seem to want people to browse artists based on sub-genres.

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