Samsung have just partnered with Google Play making this their default music service for all their phones and tablets around the world.

This exciting news came when Google Play’s Lead Product Manager, Elias Roman, announced that the partnership had been made between them and Samsung in April. Samsung have been offering deals on the Google Play Service for a few years already but making it the default system is a new launch towards an easier way to access music on Samsung devices.

One of the key features of Google Play Music is the ability to add up to 100,000 songs from your own personal library to Google’s cloud locker and then gain access to all of your own music wherever you are via cloud streaming. You can also transfer music between devices this way by using Wi-Fi to access the cloud and then re-downloading onto other devices. Once you’re signed into your Google Play account you can access this anywhere in the world, this is similar in many ways to services such as Spotify and Pandora. Additionally they offer a 3 month free trial with any Samsung device.

Other than listening to your own personal collection, you can choose from Google Play’s massive library of 30 million tracks to stream from once gaining membership. If you don’t fancy paying for the service, Google Play has a free radio service which looks at your music and chooses songs it thinks you will be interested in.

This new venture came after the downfall of Samsung’s Milk Music after launching in 2014, this was an ad supported streaming service but did not take off due to lack of features such as offline streaming or the ability to purchase tracks. The closing down of Milk Music made way for this new partnership deal.

A large bonus of Google Play is that your music and details are very secure on the web, Google and Samsung both have advanced technology and experience to deal with intelligent cyber attacks and have been very successful in the past in preventing any issues. Keeping your details and music safe on the web appears to be a large deal to Google Play with regular updates and work to conquer this.

In whole this seems like a great plan for both parties and I think this brings something to both companies that they benefit from. I look forward to testing it out when it comes out.