RouteNote Partners with New Stores: Shazam, MixRadio, Amazon Prime and Juke

mixradio music streaming amazon prime juke music shazam

Today we are offering our artists several new services that we feel will enhance their experience with RouteNote and increase their streaming and sales potential. We feel that the addition of these new stores will also greatly attribute to increased exposure of our artist’s music and increased opportunity for greater worldwide reach. We are announcing new partnerships with the following stores:

Shazam – Shazam is a music discovery app that enables its users to identify music anywhere, regardless of how they hear it, achieving greater recognition for the artists that created it. RouteNote artists are now able to add their music to Shazam’s registry, audiofingerprinting their content and gaining consumer exposure. Shazam provides consumers with information such as Artist and Track titles, and links to purchase the song. You can find more information about Shazam from:

MixRadio – Mix Radio personalises the user’s music streaming experience, offering a service where listeners can curate their own playlists or listen to pre­existing lists that are tailored towards their musical preferences. Their catelogue features over 30 million songs, available in 31 countries that include Brazil, India and China. You can find more information about MixRadio from:

Juke mymusic ­ From 24­7 Entertainment, considered Europe’s leading B2B digital distribution provider for mobile and online services, Juke powers many music stores including Media Markt,, Medion and Danish Telekom. Juke offer its users a huge musical catelogue containing over 20 millions tracks, a simple to use interface that includes many advanced play list management features, automatic syncing between devices and the power to listen to music offline. Our RouteNote artists will also benefit from JUKE’s discoverability features, which include auto­suggestion recommendations, editorial playlists and radio station. You can find more information about Juke from:

Amazon Prime – Our artists will have their current Amazon content upgraded to Amazon Prime’s streaming service, which is currently exclusive to the US. Its users have access to an improved and personalized service that allows them to listen to music without ad interruptions, unlimited skips and no playback restrictions with no hidden or additional cost. You can find more information about Amazon Prime here:

Artists/labels should ensure that they have been included in our new offers by checking the “Manage Stores” section of your release. As always, RouteNote’s artists have the freedom to opt out. If you decide to use any of these new services and feel dissatisfied, you can contact us without hesitation and we’ll remove your content from the stores you request as soon as possible.

RouteNote Team

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