RouteNote is very happy to announce the inclusion of YouTube to our distribution service. YouTube is the most popular video platform in the world, but its also the worlds largest music streaming service.

RouteNotes’ catalogue will be added to YouTube and through their Content ID system. The Content ID system will include all music within the RouteNote system and then use that audio to match against audio used within videos throughout the whole of YouTube. If there is a match with our artists audio then we will have the option to monetize that video. All royalties are generated via advertising revenues and vary between video, region, ad type, etc. RouteNote is an official YouTube partner and our deal is direct with YouTube which provides the best possible returns for our artists.

If you are already a RouteNote artists then your music will be automatically sent to YouTube (opt-out is possible via internal ticketing system). This is for both the Free and Premium distribution options.

music streaming services breakdown of plays

p.s. If you also have a very popular YouTube channel and would like help to monetize that channel, then please get in touch.