EDM artist Teo Mandrelli’s latest release ‘Gone’ is making waves and we love to see it.

Watching the artists that use our service have success always makes us beam with happiness, one said artist that has seen success lately is Teo Mandrelli with his latest release ‘Gone’. The track is an anthemic dance track that is bursting in positivity, you cannot help but throw your arms up in the air and dance.

The track has been gaining popularity in China and was even featured on NetEase not once but TWICE. Featuring in ‘Desktop/ Mobile/Web New Release Recommendation’ and the ‘Desktop/Mobile Western New Songs Recommendation’. For those unsure what NetEase is, it’s one of the largest homes for music in China with a staggering 300 million users.

The track is out now via Soave and is guaranteed to bring the good vibes. If you’re into dance music or any form of EDM ‘Gone’ is an essential listen, be sure to add to your playlists!

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