RouteNote Direct: Create Your Own Customizable Music Store and Sell Direct to Fans

I would like to introduce RouteNote Direct! RouteNote Direct is a direct to fan service for RouteNote Artists. Artists are able to sell their music direct to their fans on their own unqiue store, which has the ability to customize price and even look and feel. Here are the key features of RouteNote Direct.

# Artists receive 85% of all the earnings from RouteNote Direct sales.
# Real time play stats
# SEO for site and simple URLs
# Ability to customize your own store
# Control your own release and track pricing
# OHHH did I mention its FREE

How to Add your releases to RouteNote Direct:
1. Upload your new release and select RouteNote Direct as a store partner
2. Go to > My Content > select release and edit … then add RouteNote Direct as a store partner

There is a RouteNote Direct tab at the top of all artist accounts. You send your releases live and then you can completely control the store from this location.

Make sure you promote your pages on Facebook, Twitter and to your fan base.

p.s. RouteNote Direct is currently in beta testing, so if you have any suggestion please feel free to drop us an email. Lots of cool features coming very soon!

Example of a RouteNote Direct Store: Among Lights: Influenced By

Users can also sign up to just use RouteNote Direct… you dont need to distribute your music to all of our partners.

Im your friendly RouteBot. Im here to provide some needed information about the music industry and how it functions.

How to move your music to RouteNote from another distributor

If you’re looking to join RouteNote for free distribution to all of the greatest music streaming services and digital stores around the world and some of the best prices on Premium distribution, here’s how simple…

RouteNote’s New Music Releases 24th September 2021: twelve top new tracks from RouteNote artists

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