Reports of SoundCloud Removing DJ Mixes Have “No Truth”

Recent reports circulating have suggested that SoundCloud are removing all DJ mixes from their site – which is of course not true.

Digital Music News have had a good week for made up stories circulating the web. Last week we found out that iTunes was closing in 2 years from DMN’s “anonymous sources” and now more unnamed sources are suggesting through DMN that SoundCloud are removing the lifeblood of their service.

DJ Mixes are a massive part of SoundCloud and it has been a platform for upcoming producers and DJs around the world to make a name for themselves. Removing DJ Mixes would be sensational, and that’s probably why DMN made these false claims – sensationalism = attention. SoundCloud confirmed to Billboard that “the story has no truth to it. At SoundCloud, we’re on a mission to create a place where all creativity can live. SoundCloud’s creator community, including DJs, is incredibly important to us.”

In the wake of their new subscription service SoundCloud Go launching and deals signed with major labels it wouldn’t make sense for SoundCloud to begin restricting their service. So until next week when DMN have the ‘breaking news’ from ‘anonymous sources’ that Spotify are being bought out by Apple Music, or something similarly spurious, you can rest at ease that a staple music service isn’t drastically changing.

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