Schedule your music release exactly when you want on SoundCloud

Releasing your music how you want to on SoundCloud is getting even easier with scheduled releases letting you pick exactly when your music goes live.

SoundCloud have added scheduled releases so that you can pinpoint an exact time and date for the release of your latest track or your new album. For Pro Unlimited users on SoundCloud you can now set the specific time and date in advance that you want your music to go live.

This means that you can promote your new release in advance and let fans know when they can expect it. You can even give your most loyal fans a heads up for when to come along and check it out. You can also line-up your release across platforms so that you can align the release for a synchronised launch so your fans can come and find your new music everywhere it goes at the same time.

SoundCloud scheduled releases music

SoundCloud said: “We’re excited to make growing your career even easier. Start scheduling exactly when your next uploads will post and never change your plans again.”

Available to SoundCloud Pro Unlimited creators, you can take advantage of scheduled releases to have your content hit when you want it to, whether you’re:

  • Timing the release of your track to match its live debut
  • Finished with a track but deciding you want to post it later
  • Making your mix available as soon as you finish your set
  • Delivering your weekly podcast on time, every time to listeners
  • Keeping tracks timed perfectly for release across time zones and tour dates
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