Podcasting app Stitcher gets a redesign with useful new features

The new Stitcher update will give the podcast app a redesigned cleaner interface and new features such as playback speed and episode downloads.

The update features a revamped, streamlined design, with better user controls. Podcast listeners can organize shows how they like into custom categories. My Podcasts will show recent, unfinished episodes, all downloads and favourite podcasts in one place. New filters allows you to easily view only downloaded, uplayed or like episodes of a given show, as well as the ability to sort episodes by date or episode length. This is useful for finding the perfect podcast to match your commute.

User will now be able to choose which shows they want episodes to automatically download and how many episodes to keep on device. A slider gives greater control over playback speed. Reworked Alexa and Sonos integration should provide better stability for casting shows to smart speakers.

The update is to roll out to web, iOS and Android apps in the coming months, with a public beta available now. Hopefully the update will help Stitcher compete with top podcast platforms such as Spotify Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

Stitcher web

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