As an artist it can be important to know who’s listening to your works of art. Pandora’s new Audience section takes artists on a deep dive into their fans new and old.

Pandora have just announced the addition of 2 new insights for their Next Big Sound Artist Profiles to take artists deeper into the audiences of their music. The new Pandora Audience section introduces insights into exactly how many times an artist’s music has been streamed and who the fans that are coming back for more and more are.

The new Pandora Audience page will feature two sections of analytics for artists to dive inside their listeners:

Unique Listeners: The number of people who heard any song by this artist on Pandora in the last month.

Streams: The total number of times a song is played anywhere on Pandora, across all tiers of service, encompassing both Pandora Radio Spins and Pandora Interactive Plays.

When artists check out their streaming data they will be presented with two graphs for streams and unique listeners showing clearly how much love their music is getting and how it compares over time. Pandora want artists to share how well they are doing with all around the world so for once they are making their Pandora Audience section publicly available to anyone with a Next Big Sound account.

Pandora note that this availability of streaming numbers will be a massive asset to the industry for venues, publicists, managers, labels, and more. It will provide an easy insight to the engagement and popularity of artists that they can use to sell themselves or figures can use to find artists they know have an audience. As well it can help labels and artists strategise releases and campaigns with knowledge of exactly how their actions reflect in listeners.

Pandora Next Big Sound insights analytics listeners streams unique monthly listeners

This is just the start of Pandora’s expanding and exciting new info for artists:

Over the next few months, more Pandora data will be unveiled to the industry, spanning from track-level performance data on Artist Profiles to Pandora-specific Next Big Sound email Notifcations (which will surface noteworthy spikes in Pandora data across the artists you Follow).

Whether you’re hoping to check out Pandora data for another artist as a point of comparison or if you’re researching artists to book for you venue, we feel confident you’ll be better equipped to make decisions as this data continues to be uncovered.

If your music is streaming on Pandora then what are you waiting for, go check out who’s listening! If your music isn’t on Pandora then why not sign up for free at and get your music on ALL of the top stores and streaming services.

It’s free to sign up for Next Big Sound if you don’t already have an account.