Pandora’s brand new app is here and more personal than ever

Pandora have launched their new music streaming app to provide a more personalised experienced for the music lover and podcast addict.

Pandora’s new mobile app is now available and it’s got that personal touch. They have doubled down on tailoring the experience to the person using it and streaming music, with a brand new ‘For You’ section.

Using the powerful data they collect from their Music Genome Project they can serve up curated music selections that have been catered to each listener’s precise tastes. Beyond music they are also tailoring podcast recommendations for a personalised feed containing a range of content.

The personalised ‘For you’ tab will update throughout the day with dynamic recommendations. The feed takes into account the time of day, moods, artists you’ve been listening to and more. Pandora promise over 35 modules will be launched in the next few months with even more planned for further in the future.

New releases from artists you like will appear, recommendations for new artists will be presented, and much more based on how you’ve used Pandora in the past and what you listen to.

Originally a desktop-exclusive feature, Pandora Modes is now available on the mobile app. This feature lets listeners actively customise the station they’re listening to so that it, for example: only plays songs other users have liked most, or songs from a specific artist.

These new features are rolling out to iOS and Android users starting today.

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