Image Credit: Pandora

With playlists like ‘What You Loved 2021’ and ‘More To Love 2021’, Pandora’s version of Spotify Wrapped is ready for listeners to access.

Pandora Playback 2021 is your year in review on the music streaming platform, detailing all of the sounds topping your charts this year, with insights into what you listened to, thumbed up and enjoyed over the past year, plus customized playlists. As Pandora does best, using extensive data science and the Music Genome Project, your Playback 2021 also includes recommendations of songs you haven’t listened to yet, but they think you’ll love.

Anyone who’s listened to at least three songs (with five spins/plays or more) or three stations, with either adding up to at least one hour of listening between January 1st and November 15th 2021, is eligible for Pandora Playback 2021. Those who’ve opted into email and push notifications should have received a notification or email with a personalized link. If not, you’ll find Playback 2021 in the Pandora app on iOS and Android. Head to For You, then tap the Playback 2021 section and select Your Personal Playback Website. Desktop users can find Playback 2021 on web here. The site works best on Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. If you still can’t access Playback 2021, contact user support here.

Once you’ve got your stats, you can share them directly to Twitter or Facebook using the social icons. iOS users can tap and hold on the shareable image to save it, while Android and web users can click the Download button. Alternatively just screenshot the page and include the hashtag #2021Playback when sharing online to connect with other Pandora listeners. You can also share your personalized playlists by making your profile public. To make your profile public on the mobile app, head to Settings > Privacy > Listening Activity > Pandora Profile, then turn on Public Sharing. To make your profile public on the web, head to Settings > Profile Privacy, then click Public. Once your profile is public, click the share arrow on Your 2021 Playlists section.

Find more details on how Pandora chooses what to include in your Playback 2021, understanding your sonorities score and more here.

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