Pandora & iHeartRadio dominate on the Amazon Echo over Amazon’s own streamer

Music Streaming is one of Amazon Echo’s greatest uses but it turns out Amazon’s own streaming service isn’t dominating on it.

Amazon Echo is Amazon’s incredibly popular home speaker that has evolved since it’s launch with various iterations and deals. It can be used as an assistant thanks to it’s in-built Alexa AI with loads of functions, however music streaming is undoubtedly it’s prime (get it?) use.

Unfortunately for Amazon, even with the recent launch of their own standalone music streaming service, with special offers for Echo users, competitors in the streaming industry are dominating their speaker’s use. Pandora were revealed to be leading streams on the service with an incredible 43% share, however it may not be so surprising considering Pandora ranked as the top streamed service last year even above Spotify.

iHeartRadio was another leader on Amazon’s speakers with a 36% share of streams, putting it in second place before Amazon Music with 22% of streamed music on Echo. Amazon’s new streaming service hasn’t quite had the impact they might have wanted but it is still early in it’s lifecycle.

It was reported that last year only 13% percent of Echo users listened to music on Amazon Music Unlimited. Additionally, whilst Spotify may be a world leader in music streaming, their presence on Amazon Echo is surprisingly stark with just a 7% share of listening through Echo speakers.

Amazon likely aren’t too concerned with who’s dominating on Echo speakers as they are selling like hot cakes on their own. There are rumours that Amazon later this year might be introducing a fourth version of their home speaker, this time with a touchscreen.

Amazon Music Unlimited is available for £9.99 a month, £7.99 a month with a Prime subscription or for just £3.99 when streamed exclusively through Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. You can sign up here to start a free trial.

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