Who would’ve thought lyrics could cause such a fuss? Wixen clearly do as they look to sue Pandora for using the lyrics of their artists in their music streaming service.

Music publishing company Wixen have been challenging some of the world’s most high profile music streaming services lately. Following a licensing dispute with Spotify which resulted in a, now dismissed, $1.6 billion lawsuit in December, Wixen are looking to Pandora for their latest license battle.

Wixen have now taken a suit against internet radio streamer Pandora for using lyrics from their artists such as Tom Petty, Rage Against the Machine, and Weezer. Wixen say they displayed the lyrics “without any valid license or authorization”.

Pandora display lyrics for appropriate music on their streaming service on both mobile and desktop players since 2009. They’ve partnered with various lyrics providers to source lyrics and license the rights to use them.

However Wixen claim that their clients weren’t included in any of these licenses. They claim that they notified Pandora in early 2018 who only began to respond by taking some of the lyrics down last month. They’re calling Pandora’s delay a “willful and deliberate” copyright infringement.

Damages in the suit could be as much as $150,000 per song. Neither Pandora’s parent company Sirius XM nor their lyrics affiliate LyricFind have responded to comments according to The Verge.