Pandora have enhanced their AMP platform with a bunch of new features to help promote artists and customise their profiles.

Pandora have a bunch of tools to help artists get their name out there, particularly through their AMP promotional platform. Always looking to add and innovate their platform more to enhance independent artists abilities to reach-out to new fans, Pandora have added some awesome new features.

Speaking on their AMP platform, Pandora said: “At Pandora, music is our content and, naturally, we are very interested in finding ways to promote certain tracks. We have unique opportunity for promoting tracks on our service for two primary reasons. First, the medium of radio is very conducive to naturally and seamlessly inserting promoted tracks – the element of surprise and discovery are a critical and desired part of the radio listener experience. Second, the data we’ve collected from our listeners over the past decade of providing the premier online radio experience allows us to implement this promotion in a context-specific and personalized way.”

New to AMP are:

Custom Profile Photos: Found under the “Profile” tab of an artist page on AMP (desktop and mobile), use this tool to customize the default profile photo that appears within AMP and on Pandora’s web and mobile platforms. More information here.

Promote Show: Found under the “Create Campaign” drop-down, use this tool to streamline the process for driving ticket sales with Artist Audio Messages. More information here. 

Promote Single: Found under the “Create Campaign” drop-down, use this tool to customize a campaign that will optimally support your new music on Pandora. More information here. 

Featured Track Thumbs Chart: Found under Featured Track campaign analytics, this new chart will generate a graph depicting total thumb activity and thumbs up activity over time during the feature period for your track.

On top of these specific new features Pandora are also making some giant updates to the way they target audiences for Artist Audio Messaging and Featured tracks. You can read more about this in Pandora’s detailed post on it here: