ONErpm vs. RouteNote Comparison

There are many things to consider when choosing a distributor. Where will my music go? How much control do I have over my music? What else can the distributor offer me? RouteNote strive to offer a best in class service over all areas.

On the face of it, ONErpm offer many of the same features as RouteNote, such as free distribution to stores and streaming services, however at RouteNote, we like to go the extra mile to help promote your music in as many markets as possible, giving you the best deal, while still ensuring you have full control over your music.

Both RouteNote and ONErpm can offer free distribution across the top stores, while the artist keeps 85% of the revenue. Additionally, RouteNote offers an optional premium tier, allowing you to keep 100% of the revenue generated. We allow you to freely switch between free and premium depending on how well your music is doing. This is perfect for those wanting to maximize revenue for big earners.

Content ID allows users to locate where their music is being used on YouTube and monetize this content. RouteNote and ONErpm gives users this option. ONErpm gives artists 70% revenue, while RouteNote give out 85% or 100% revenue for free or premium users respectively.

RouteNote also offer SoundCloud monetization. It allows users to generate revenue per stream on SoundCloud and get unlimited uploads totally free. These features are not available through ONErpm.

RouteNote can push your music to more stores, including many Asian markets such as Kanjian, Melon, JioSaavn, Bugs!, AWA, Vibe and Naver. ONErpm don’t offer distribution to these partners.

  • Free distribution worldwide to top stores with 85% revenue
  • Premium distribution with 100% revenue
  • YouTube MCN & Content ID
  • SoundCloud monetization
  • Detailed statistics
  • Unique promotional tools with

Head over to RouteNote to discover how we can help you and your music thrive today.

What stores do UnitedMasters distribute to for free?

UnitedMasters offer free music distribution but only to a select number of stores. With RouteNote you can send your music to all of our partners, covering the top music services around the world, completely free.

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