Apple Music have more listeners than Spotify despite 20m+ less subscribers

New analysis shows that despite Spotify’s 100 million+ users, Apple Music apparently have the upper hand with their 20-30 million subscribers.

Spotify have been the leaders of music streaming for the past few years now, having built up 50 million subscribers and over 100 million total users thanks to their veteran status. But having launched less than 2 years ago Apple’s growth represents a massive threat to the streaming champions, especially as a new report reveals that Apple Music may well have more users than Spotify.

In this month’s Verto Index by Verto Analytics, a look at the top music streaming services in the past month, Apple came out on top with 40.7 million unique users in March. How that works out (perhaps trial users aren’t included on their subscriber counts) isn’t clear but what is clear is that they had over 10 million more users in March than Spotify, which saw 30.4 million unique users through the month.

Spotify was also beaten out by Pandora Internet Radio which saw 32.6 million unique users visit their streaming service. Whilst Spotify still totally win out on subscriber numbers the analysis seems to show that perhaps their millions of free users aren’t as engaged as originally thought.

Verto’s ‘stickiness’ (comparison of daily users to monthly users, representing loyalty and frequency of return users) analysis however bears better results for Spotify. With 25% stickiness Spotify showed better return frequency of listeners than both Pandora and Apple Music, which had 21% and 19% stickiness respectively.

Apple Music announced 20 million subscribers in December and then, shortly after in February that they now have “well over 20 million subscribers”. Whilst it’s a way off of 50 million the speed with which Apple Music has gained these subscribers is the biggest worry for Spotify.

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