New pinned posts are perfect for TikTok music promotion

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Rumour has it that TikTok is testing a helpful pinned videos feature. It could be a great way for musicians on TikTok to promote new releases.

TikTok is currently testing out a feature that lets users pin up to three videos at the top of their profile. The feature is something the video platform has been exploring for a while, but recent activity suggests it will become a permanent fixture on the app.

The pinned videos appear right at the top of the TikTok grid, so they’re the first thing users see when they visit your profile – a great way for artists to promote a new release.

It makes sense as an artist to choose posts relating to something you’re eager to promote – that way the very first thing fans see will be all things related to your music.

Other platforms such as Twitter already have a pinned post function. Twitter users often attach one of their most popular tweets.

As TikTok is testing allowing up to three pinned posts, there’s the potential to fill the top line of your profile with a choice of content.

Mix promotional content about a gig or new single with more information about who you are as an artist, or a video that shows your goofy side so fans can get to know you quickly.

Image Credit: Sam Schmir

TikTok is fast catching up with YouTube as the biggest place online for people to discover new music. Social media algorithms respond well to users trying out new tools, so getting involved in new features like pinned posts is a must for artists on TikTok.

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